30 marzo, 2016

Ayuntamiento de Jaraba


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    Binding to a property of a set property of a widget

    I am trying to bind the state of the dropdownlist to a property of the dropdownlist. If you want to see the actual structure of the whole dropdownlist (I can post it if that’s helpful), it would be like this.
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    Show HN: Strongbox Cloud – free email account from Google – dsyoung

    +1 for this.

    How to use? Think of Gmail and Google apps.

    More information on how it works? Think of Google and Apple’s sync.

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    Discuss: In home, Bitcoin wallets and other safety tips from experts;———————————————————————


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    Is this a virus?
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    I think it came from a spam email.
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    Unfortunately, there’s no support for QR Code types, what seems to be a pretty major omission.
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